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Sheet Plastic Packaging Products


Plastic Blister Packaging


Plastic blister packaging tray is made of PVC or PS as basic material. It can nomal or be made with antistatic or ESD properties with black color. It has very good property and the conductive property will not be influenced by any humidity and temperature factors. It is permanent conductive.

We could make quick customize design. 3D model and 2D drawing will be made for PVC Blister mold. Different mold could be selected with balance of Qty. and cost.

Material:                                      PVC, PS

Thickness:                                  0.3-8.0mm

Appearance:                              Transparent or black

Customized:                               width and length, thickness as customer request

Conductive:                                10e4-10e6 ohms

Anti-static:                                   10e9-10e11 ohms

Model:                                         3400

APPLICATION of Plastic Blister Packaging

l  Disk industries

l  Semiconductor industries

l  Electronic product assembly and packaging

This material can be made into IC tray, LCD tray, Electronic Component tray, FPC tray etc. The surface resistance is very stable even after vacuum forming. It has very good property and the conductive property will not be influenced by any humidity and temperature factors.

Plastic Blister PackagingTECHNICAL DATA



Test Method

British System

Value   Unit

Intl. System

Value   Unit

Metric System

Value   Unit

Basic Physical Property

Melt flow rate

ASTM D 1238

2.8   g/10 min

2.8   g/10 min

2.8   g/10 min


ASTM D 792




Extrusion molding data

Mechanical Property

Tensile Strength

ASTM D 638

2600       psi

18       Mpa

183     kg/cm2

Breaking Strength

ASTM D 638

2400       psi

17       Mpa

169     kg/cm2

Breaking Elongation

ASTM D 638

40         %

40         %

40         %

Tensile Modulus

ASTM D 790

230000     psi

1600     Mpa

16200   kg/cm2

Notch Impact Strength @23 oC

ASTM D 256

1.4     ft-lb/in

75         J/m

8   kg-cm/cm

Thermal Property

Vicat Softening Point

ASTM D 1238

212         oF

100         oC

100       oC

Heat Distortion Temperature @1.8MPa

ASTM D 648

198         oF

92         oC

92       oC



EXAMLE PICTURES of Blister Packaging


Plastic Blister packaging   Plastic Blister packaging   Plastic Blister packaging


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