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Covision Industrial (H K) Limited, professional plastic, metal parts, and electronic products manufacturer, is a Hong Kong based company which has over 10 years of experiences with 110 employees. We export for many oversea customers (US 40%, Europe 30%). We make plastic injection, silicon press molds and the parts, offering stamping and die casting services for new projects with substantial cost saving ability. Our production has been certified by ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000.

A major benefit to customers is our capability we can design the product according to our customers requirements and from design, to machining and assembly, from trial or pilot-run to mass production, the project is completely controlled in-house with our highly-qualified QA teams.

We provide for our customers the prior-production process, A. Product Design, B. Mold Flow Analysis, C. Mold Design, D. Design for Manufacturing, E. Value Analysis, F. Prototyping, G. FMEA And during production we do, H. Design and Manufacturing of tools, dies and fixtures, I. Development of processes to achieve critical functional dimensions, J. Injection molding, press molding, die casting, blow molding, products manufacturing. K.Electro-Mechanical Assembly, L.Product Finishing (paint and coating, etc.)

We share our experiences in cost reduction ideas and techniques with our customers offering services 24 hours a day. Our engineers and assembly specialists are available at every stage of the project, and our expertise will help save your the time, materials as you move your product rapidly towards the market place.

In today's competitive market place, we know we can only be successful if our customers are successful. A strong partner relationship delivers the most value by serving the best interests of our customers.


E-mail: mary@covisioncorp.com Tel: +86-769-33637252 Fax: +86-769-33637252
Address: 3rd floor, No. 35 Huawang Road, Dalang, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China